We can offer a wide range of microfiber cloths in multiple shades and different weight ranges. Equipped with 50 plus suppliers to offer competitive quality and prices.

It greatly reduces the cleaning chemicals and water requirements and increased the wet-ability of fabric.
Rapid Drying actions.

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Yarn Source:

Pakistan is one of the best quality producers of Cotton yarns. A combination of highly experienced and trained technical staff working on state of the art machinery produces an unmatched quality product, preferred by high quality buyers the world over.

Business One has been actively involved in sourcing yarns for our foreign buyers since 2007. We offer a wide range of yarn counts from coarse to fine with 100% cotton as well as cotton polyester blends in carded, combed and compact categories.We specialize in denim yarns including slubs and stretch yarns. Our yarns are made from high quality cotton from various origins including Egyptian (Giza), US (Pima), Brazilian, Indian and Pakistani.

  • Stretch Yarns
    (Lycra, Elaspane, Spandex, T400) Ne 10/1 ~ 60/1

  • Carded
    (100% Cotton Yarns) Ne. 7/1 ~ 30/1

  • Blended Yarns
    (PC & CVC in different blends) Ne 10/1 ~ 32/1

  • Compact Yarns
    Ne 7/1 ~ 80/1

  • Plied Yarns
    (TFO) 2 & 3 Ply yarn like 20/2, 24/2 both hard twist and soft twist.

  • Slub Yarns
    (100% Cotton) Ne 7/1 ~ 12/1

  • Combed
    (100% Cotton Yarns) Ne 16/1 ~ 100/1

  • Synthetic Yarns
    (100% Cotton Yarns) Ne 16/1 ~ 100/1

  • Open End Yarns
    NE 7/1 ~ 16/1

  • Special Fibre Yarns
    100% and cotton blends (Coolmax, Tencel, Modal, Bamboo, Lyocell, Soyabean) Ne 16/1 ~ 40/1