Source Denim:

We are engaged in sourcing innovative and premium denim fabrics from the world’s competitive textile hubs Pakistan and China. Our suppliers have capacity of large scale production, advanced technology, latest equipment and machinery.


Product Range:

  • The Product range starts from 7 oz to 14.50 oz.
  • There is a vast variety of textures, feels, colors and hues like Deep Indigo, Indigo Bottoming, Green Caste, Sulfur Black, Blue Blue, Blue Black (over dyed) etc depending on the quality.
  • We can offer multi-count, multi-twist, ring/ open-end yarns in both regular and fashion fabrics.
  • Our Suppliers can offer a variety of finishes like flat finish, diamond finish, thermo fixed etc.

Our fabrics appeal to all age group and are in line with the latest trends and fashion statements. While designing the latest range, our suppliers make extensive studies on the latest fashion trend to ensure that their product line meets the ever increased demand of the day.