Our Services:

Currently Business One offers the following services to its clients.

Sourcing Textiles:

Be it yarn or fully packed home textile goods, we offer our customers the best price and delivery possible through our extensive knowledge of the local market.


Textile Consultancy:

Business One can also act as Pakistan office for our customers. A dedicated merchandiser is allocated to each customer who handles all the requirements for that particular customer. Thus sourcing becomes stress free for the client through a one window operation where the client does not need to chase anyone for information.

Starting from price and delivery negotiations till goods are shipped, Business One will have you covered. Naturally all services mentioned above are free if Business One acts as customer’s Local office.


Quality Management:

Trusted, unbiased and independent inspection based on customer’s defined standards is the basis of acquiring customer satisfaction. Business One’s highly experienced Quality. Business One highly experienced Quality Auditing team offer its customer a number of options for auditing goods before dispatch. Whether only a final audit is required or a regular inline audit, we will have a plan that will suit your needs.

Online Reporting System:

Status Reports and Order follow-up.
Business One also offers online reporting system which informs our customers on a daily basis the status of their orders. No matter wherever you are in the world, simply login and get all the information about your orders.
It is not necessary that the order has to be placed through Business One to avail this service. It can be obtained on a stand-alone basis. However If the order has been placed via Business One, the service is naturally free.