Source Fabrics:

Greige, Printed, Dyed, PFD, PFGD fabrics

Business One believes in valuing customers as well as suppliers. As we consider ourselves business partners to customers where we aim to create value for them, at the same time, we consider our suppliers also our partners. That philosophy has resulted into strong links with our Grey Fabric suppliers in Pakistan, whereas we also have sourcing relationships in different countries as well.


The product range include twills, drills, sateens, canvases, poplins, bull denim, structural fabrics, industrial fabrics, workwear fabrics, stretch fabrics as well as abrasive fabrics.

We deal both in basic as well as value added qualities. From chino and voiles to complex dobby designs and fabrics with special fibers, Business One is relentlessly serving customer’s fabric needs all over the world.


Our another speciality is that we have the technical understanding of special fibers. So be it silver fiber blended with cotton or Nylon 440, one can always trust that Business One will have the technical knowledge and will deliver fabrics as per customer requirements.

We cater to the Apparel Sector on one end and the Home Textiles on the other. Currently, we are sourcing twills, drills, sateens, rip stop and herring bone for apparels and T-200 to T-500, for the home textiles with capability to weave a greater variety of fabrics, including but not limited to the stretched, bi-stretched, reverse satins, etc.

Our relationship with our suppliers can be judged from the fact that, Fazal Cloth Mills Limited, has given Business One the distinction of being a special representatives for them. Fazal Cloth was incorporated in 1966. The company owns and operates five Ring Spinning Plants Comprising 176,472 spindles and 780 Rotors, and a Weaving Unit comprising 200 Picanol Air jet Looms. All Units have Captive Gas Fired Power Plants with a capacity of 28 Mega Watts. All plants are equipped with state of the art equipment. The units are located around Multan, heart of the cotton belt of Pakistan. The Weaving Unit consists of 117 Air-jet looms producing 2.0 Million yards of greige fabric per month. With combination of state of the art Weaving Equipment, technical know-how and managerial expertise, FCML Weaving ensures high quality production and services to it’s customers.