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In home textiles, Business One offers the advantage that all the partners have backgrounds in senior mill management from commercial to technical and quality decision making positions.

The strength of the team in managing on-time deliveries with leading international retailers like Springs Global and Marks and Spencer provides a key benefit when working with Business One. The skill at senior management level is supplemented by on floor quality auditors and inspectors employed by Business One to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

In Business One we have implemented the monitoring systems, our merchandisers provide quick and accurate information to the customers. All information is also available online and customers can access their order status from anywhere in the world.


Source Towels and Bathrobes:

We offer top of the line terry products from the leading textile companies of Pakistan. Our suppliers have large setups with the latest Air-Jet Technology terry weaving looms.

The product ranges from the 350 gsm to 1100 gsm.

This includes products made from Pakistani Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, Pima as well as Supima Cotton. Further we are also offering special products like Bamboo Cotton blends and polyester towels.

The products are offered both with Carded and Combed yarns as well as Open-end yarns (for price competitive products).

Further we also offer different items in terry; which includes the terry slippers, gloves, bath towels, bath sheets, bathrobes (for men, women and children), bath matts as well as the bath linen for institutional purposes.

Our Auditors are assigned to factories where the order is running and ensure that goods being shipped are as per customer standards. In-line audit schedules are made and implemented and before shipment we conduct a final audit. We work with different mills in Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. We never comprise on ethical issues and all the mills we work with are ISO certified, Oekotex certified and some mills are also Sedex certified. So whether your requirement is dyed or printed product, Business One can source the right quality at a right price. Be it for your bedroom, bathroom or kitchens, Business One can be your reliable sourcing partner.